Cherry Blaster Kettle Sour (NEW)

3.7% ABV 12 IBU

Kettle Soured Berliner Weise 

Highly acidic, Crisp palate cleansing ale with subtle notes of cherry. 

Atlantic Great White (NEW)

4.1 % ABV 14 IBU

Wheat Ale

This Belgian Wheat beer has notes of Honey, Orange and spice.

Blueberry Wheat Ale

4.2% 13 IBU

Flavoured Wheat Ale

This beer screams fresh picked blueberries.

A Session at Mama's IPA

4.1% ABV 42 IBU

India Session Ale

This crushable ale was dry hopped with Citra to give it tropical hop flavours and aromas of Grapefruit & Pineapple.

East Coast Light

4.5 % ABV 15 IBU

American Pale Ale

A light easy drinking beer with subtle notes of caramelized malt and citrusy hops.

Northside IPA

6.7% ABV 83 IBU

American IPA

A hop forward beer showcasing Cascade & Citra hop varieties. These hops have tropical citrus and pine characteristics which give this beer lots of bite balanced out by sweet malt flavours.

Kingston’s Crimson Ale

5.1% ABV 16 IBU

Irish Red Ale

Easy drinking light Red ale focusing on sweet caramelized malt flavours of caramel, toffee and butterscotch.

British Brown Beard

5.5% ABV 26 IBU

British Brown Porter

This rich dark beer that has both malty chocolate flavours and roasted noted of black coffee.

O’Cains Nitro Stout

5.2% ABV 29 IBU

Irish Stout

This nitrogenated stout has a creamy mouthfeel and tons of fresh brewed black coffee, espresso and bitter dark chocolate noted from the use of roasted barley. 

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